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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a man fights for his life. the >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> 3 breaking stories the first is from capitol here -- hill where police have arrested a
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man for sending a series of threatening letters. police have arrested christopher carlson. investigators believe he sent letters to john boehner and the maryland senator containing a powdery substance center and to use a biological weapon. all of these matters have tested negative. our second story tonight is from arlington where a man is fighting for his life after he was fight. that is where richard reeve is lives of the latest details. -- live with the latest details. >> behind me is an active crime scene. in the background, you may be able to see detectives on the porch of an apartment looking for clues. the notion of a shooting has left many in shock. an urgent search in this
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neighborhood. >> we heard a pop, pop. >> police are combing this area. after a latino man was gunned down in this parking lot around 7:00. >> i heard a pop, pop. i think i heard some moaning. >> police say the victim was sitting in his car. >> the suspect approached him and said something in english and fired the shot. >> my friend walked to the trash to the dumpster. he saw all of the blood. >> began man -- the gunman ran away. >> we were surprised to this would happen. >> she says nothing like this has ever happened in this neighborhood. >> we will take precautions. this could happen anywhere.
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>> something like this it makes me more motivated to move data the city. >> we're told the victim was transported to a local hospital. he has life-threatening injuries. detectives are trying to talk to him. and no motive why this happened. >> thank you very much. we have more breaking news, the washington redskins have agreed to a trade with the st. louis rams to acquire the second pick in the upcoming nfl draft. that would allow the redskins to select burt griffon. -- robert griffin. horace holmes will be here in sports. now we turn to a television interview. the national park ranger says he paid the price for blowing the whistle about an incident involving daniel snyder. this stems from when snyder
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removed those trees behind potomac and some more on federal property. ben eisler has the story. >> he was once the highest- ranking park region that after speaking out he says he faced retaliation and hopes his new book will force the energy to rethink its priority. >> being a park ranger was a childhood dream of mine. >> dan snyder cut down more than a year of federally protected forests. it had blocked his view of the potomac. the park service gave him permission. >> i was flabbergasted. >> they had turned down the request before despite his offer of $25,000. he knew the agency should not have approved this time. he reported it. >> i was not going to support the false statements.
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>> an investigation by the investor -- inspector general found they had failed to follow guidelines. he says he has faced painful retaliation. he was demoted and forced to commute every day from his home to mount vernon. >> there were four picnic tables in this park. an activity that we would not even assigned to an entry level employee. >> his new book d tells his story. he says it is the only option he has for changing has the option in -- agency works. >> these parts are protected for future generations. >> he says his comments are his own. the agency says it cannot comment because that would in madrid -- risk invading his privacy. dan snyder also had no comment. >> thank you.
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we are monitoring other stories in the district where a serious accident led to serious traffic problems. a car went through a guardrail and then down an embankment. two people are hurt. one has life-threatening injuries. a fire breaks out on the odyssey cruise ship. there were called to the marina and saw smoke spewing from the engine room. there were no passengers on board. it appears the fire was caused by workers doing repairs. new at 11:00 physical education teachers got into a physical altercation at a montgomery county middle school. the teachers got into a scuffle this morning. a few students witnessed the incident and the teachers were sent home pending an investigation. a letter was sent home to make parents aware of the incident.
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new at 11:00 we are learning more about the frightening sequence of events on an american airlines jet. it started when the jet was leaving the gate when a flight attendant from dallas to chicago suddenly got on the intercom and went on a rant that included references to 9/11. pamela brown as outside with more on what happened next. >> the situation got so out of control that to flight attendants were taken to hospital and passengers turned on their cell phones to call 911 and to take video. passengers say the flight attendant screamed. >> that is what i kept replying in my head. her screaming. >> according to passengers, a
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flight attendant went on a frightening grant more miss b -- moments before the plane took off. >> she says i am not responsible for this plane crashing. >> another person asked them to dismiss the claims. >> it was, we are going back to the gate. >> then she reported the spoke radically about the 9/11 terror attacks, union issues, and bankruptcy. >> i think she was having some mental issues. >> the others tried to calm her down but when that was not enough -- >> good job. >> these passengers jumped into action. >> they were holding her down. >> flight attendants injured during the altercation were taken to the hospital. this shows police carrying the woman out. it appears she cracked under the pressure of the jobs. >> may be more time should be
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given to how they should react. >> one of the passengers who helped restrain the attendant reportedly said she admitted she was bipolar and has not taken her medication. we reached out to american airlines but have not received a phone contact -- call back. >> unbelievable. let's switch gears and turned out to the forecast as we head into the weekend. it is getting cold tonight. what is in store for the weekend? doug hill joins us with a first look. >> last night of this time it was 66 degrees. here in arlington 42 degrees. things are changing. it is getting cold in a hurry. 46 in fredericksburg. 43 at reagan national airport. 25 degrees or colder than last night at this time because of
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high pressure. a definite tilt in the air. that will not last long. a warm-up is part of our forecast that will have been a couple of minutes. >> kansas and wyoming will make their chase for the nomination. by this time tomorrow night mitt romney was in birmingham alabama where voters head to the polls on tuesday. he blamed president obama for failing to get the unemployment rate below 8%. in kansas, rick santorum said obama and romney want to take america's money and freedom away so they can tell them how to live. he also hammered romney for the health-care overhaul he signed. >> more companies are bringing jobs back and investing in america. manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's. >> president obama was in
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virginia where he was greeted by governor bob mcdonnell. the president touted the report. the country added 227,000 jobs. abc7 is your election station. turn to us tomorrow night for the results on the caucasus. still to come, the pope takes a stand and blasts america in front of american bishops. why he is talking about sex. >> what is going on on the movies? just ahead. >> huge news for the washington redskins. they have reportedly agreed to a trade.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >> day care workers are in police custody after a three- month baby died in their care. yolanda larin and mirna mendez- vasquez face charges after the baby died. investigators say the baby became unconscious and died in the hospital. there were no signs of trauma created a stir -- disturbing discovery were the parents of a woman found a newborn body in the trunk of their daughter's car. they decided to clean the car one month after their daughter went to a psychiatric hospital. they believe the woman placed the baby in the trunk more than 30 days ago. neighbors are stunned. >> it is horrifying. i have three kids of my own. my baby is a year old.
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it is devastating. >> it is crazy. i would never think it would happen here. >> the car's owner has three other children who are in her parents' custody. charges will not be filed until an autopsy is complete. new at 11:00 martin o'malley is likely to veto a proposed medical marijuana bill. his administration said the governor's concern whether it would stand up to federal scrutiny. this is the states with similar programs have come under fire and were forced to suspend their programs. he supports a state-run program but is worried about liability. new at 11:00 the pope takes a stand against what he calls irresponsible sex when speaking to american bishops at the vatican. >> these cannot be dismissed as
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irrelevant. >> he has long pushed for a traditional marriage between men and women as well as opposition to premarital sex and fidelity. he took aim at the american culture. same-sex marriages is legal in the district and is close to law in maryland. from television to the silver screen, this civil war with a twist at theaters. a look at john carter. this is not your regular or film. -- war film. >> "john carter" it's inspired all the way to mars where he must help a princess. it sounds like "star wars," and comes from the story written 100 years ago that inspire those others. it looks great worth three
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stars and a pg-13. along with "safe house," "wanderlust," and "act of valor ." >> speaking of having a nice weekend, the weather has a lot to do with that. >> it will make a nice recovery tomorrow and a much warmer by sunday. 70's next week. we will start tonight in rockville. 38 degrees after 63. one other quick stop, 40 degrees in falls church. 40 right now and a high of 65 after midnight. the wind is bringing in the colder air. 67 at reagan national. this was just after midnight as the cold front was getting closer. our average high is 53.
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between what i have said this week, i have made 37 reminders to turn your clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night. this is the last time i'm going to do it. turn your clocks ahead one hour. 7:52 will be the sunrise on sunday morning. you will see the change to there. i have done my job. you are on your own. colder to the north. look at these numbers. 12 in michigan. this is a small area of intense cold. we will wind up with a chilly day tomorrow. then, it is all going to change on sunday. high pressure will move offshore. winds are still 13-15 m.p.h. but they will get light tomorrow. i know it will be cool but as
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high pressure moves in we are going to feel the warmth of the sun and even though the air will be cool. as we get through tomorrow night and sunday the wind starts to come around out of the south and southwest. we will have an impressive warm- up. cool weather tomorrow. 51 degrees. those will the minister of the day. check it out, i do not know what that says under the clock. 49 tomorrow. 68 on monday. maybe a few showers on tuesday and then 70's on wednesday, thursday, and friday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> big news. could this be? >> it looks like it. this is huge.
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it looks like robert griffin iii will be wearing a redskins uniform. j. glaser and others have piled on at this point. the redskins have completed the trade for the no. 2 pick in the draft. the rams and skins would swap first-round this year. washington gives up to future round picks and a second round this year. washington can then do what they want to do with the pick. that would probably it will be choosing griffon as their quarterback of the future. >> going out on a limb. >> they beat goes on for the nationals today. they put the guy with the right arm on the man. all he did was fire beebe's today. strasbourg fired.
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sit down, big sky. two runs, two hits. that would be trouble. it turned into a simple run- score. they when 3-0. basketball tournaments continuing today in atlanta. it was the end of the road for maryland. taking on north carolina, the terrapins head man knew he had a tiger by the tail. for three, count it. the terrapins would cut the lead to 7. harrison had a great game. he takes it all the way to the iraq. the tar heels win this 185-69. virginia lost and then in game 3 of the economy virginia tech. that was a dandy. over one minute to go.
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that is no good. rivers runs it dampier recount that and he is foul. -- down and he is fouled. they disbanded -- suspended mike green four that hit right there last night. he stayed down on the ice for a minute or so but finished the game. green will be gone for the caps during this crucial stretch. again, recapping our big story a huge trade. the skins will get the second pick in the draft and they will choose robert griffin from baylor. he will be in burgundy and gold. >> it will be fun to hear the reaction. some folks up wrapping up the week with some winetasting. the coup that is.
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we will tell you about this.
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>> we would like to congratulate the winner of our new ipad giveaway. we received an overwhelming response. giving away another new ipads next week. stay tuned for that and go to we will announce the winner next friday. tonight our colleague and friend found a way to give back and maybe cut loose at the same time. he hosted a festive evening of wine and words in arlington. there was also a silent auction. everything went toward the reading connection. it provides kids with free books and workshops for parents and kids to improve literacy. speaking of parents, brian has
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>> spring is almost here. >> bright and sunny and a little bit cooler tomorrow. sunny and warmer into the low 60's on sunday and then next week we will skyrocket back into the 70's by the middle of the week. keep up-to-date on
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>> have a great weekend. thank you for joining us tonight. "nightline" is next.
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